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You'll notice now on my Mixcloud page I have become a Select Creator. There were a number of reasons behind this. Let me explain....

Here on Solar Radio, we are not paid. All this content and the time spent creating it is for free.


The Mixcloud model means that 65% goes directly to the songwriters and artists. Supporting artists is something I am passionate about as I have witnessed first hand the effort and years of training that goes in to their art. Mixcloud take a small fee for administration and then I get paid the balance.*

Apart from the two hours the shows are on air, each show takes around 5 or 6 hours to produce. Its is not unusual for me to spend 25 or more hours a week on shows taking in to account promoting them, podcasting, recording interviews, researching and then archiving.

And then there is the cost too, equipping the studio, and buying vinyl to make sure the shows are kept as vibrant and unique as possible.

Many of you probably assume I am paid by the station. Sadly not. In the old days we had to 'pay to play'. That has now been waived, but we still play for free. So, all these hours work...and not a penny for it. Another reason I hope you can support the shows,  the musicians and the channel too.

I want to make a many quality hours of radio for you as possible. And, with just a little support, I think our community can grow. As my subscribers grow, I will make more and more 'Select' content only. Click the logo above to be taken directly to my channel.

*minimum subscription £2.99 + VAT which will be taken monthly