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Updated: Sep 13, 2021

That's right, you haven't read me wrong. At the point of writing this, on the eve of the launch of (what we believe to be) the new iPhone 13, there are images, and hi-res renders of NEXT year's iPhone 14 already available online!

Is the 13 already dead?

The rumours on this year's release seem to suggest it is more of an upgrade year with few major changes, and certainly no hardware modifications at all. A new A15 chip is a given, but the remaining improvements seem to be focused (sorry for the pun) around the camera. The big news is that your video will now be able to shoot in RAW and also with bokeh (you know that lovely blurred background effect). That used to be the domain of high end, 4K cameras but now that will be available to you, direct on your iPhone. Whether this feature will just be on the ProMax or across the entire range is not yet clear, but it has got me very interested. And due to the ability to now shoot RAW video files, there seems to be a line of thought that there may be a storage option of up to 1TB.

And so the 14.....

iPhone Jon Prosser
the reverse of the iPhone 14

One day last week, I flicked over to YouTube and watched the latest video from Jon Prosser. He leaked full renders and details on NEXT year's phone almost a year to the day ahead of release. And guess is GORGEOUS.

Prosser and Renders by Ian have given us a close up look at what to expect.

Of recent, Apple has been looking to their past and bringing elements of their history to their latest ranges. The colours on the new M1 iMac is a perfect example of that. If these renders are to be believed, then the design steer for the 14 looks to be from their prettiest iPhone of all, the.....iPhone 4.

One of the main features you'll notice is there is no camera bump. It is a beautiful, all glass flat design on the back. By dint of this, it would seem certain that the phone will be thicker, but that's fine by me. And it being thicker would seem also to suggest a bigger battery, with the resultant longer life that will go with it.

iPhone Apple
a possible new colour for the iPhone 14

Other design elements to check out are the circular volume buttons, again stolen from the venerable iPhone 4. The much maligned notch is smaller and moved to the top of the phone, but the perennial punch hole selfie camera remains. The speaker grills also mimic the old phone. The edges are to be from titanium, so stronger but much, much lighter. There is a possibility of a periscope camera on the 14, but as yet no patents have been applied for.

The colours you are seeing are not confirmed, rather just the favoured colours by Jon Prosser. The only point that still remains a bugbear is that the charger is unchanged and for some reason it is a lightening charger not USB-C. Surely a portless iPhone must be around the corner?

new wallpapers will ship with iPhone14

iPhone 13....dead before it launches?

So with all that information leaked about next year's phone, and with no major upgrades, camera to one side, will you be spending your hard earned cash on the iPhone 13? As much as I am very, VERY, tempted by the camera mods, for me, I just cannot justify it. I'm just sure that I would have that good old buyers remorse within months. Nope, thanks to Mr Prosser, I think I will sit back and wait. Apple cannot be happy about this leak....

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