Beyerdynamic DT700 Pro X - they really are THAT good!

What’s the fuss?

So, in the studio world over the past few weeks, there has been quite the buzz about a new pair of reference headphones. They are from the legendary Beyerdynamic and really deserve your attention. Although essentially aimed at the same market, there are defined differences that are worth taking a look at, and that is what we are going to be talking about this week.

Design & Comfort

The moment you take these new headphones from their, now recycled box, there is an air of quality that grabs your attention. They are heavier than my DT770 Pro’s by about 50gms and feel robust; you feel reassured that these will stand the test of time. The Pro range from Beyerdynamics have always been synonymous with maximum comfort for the creator or engineer, and nothing has changed here in that regard. They come with a robust spring steel headband delivering a secure & durable fit. The high quality velour ear pads are super, super soft but still manage to somehow offer stunning ventilation. The headband forms perfectly to your head thanks to the memory foam, and just like the earpads are ever so simple to swap out.

Design & Materials

Beyerdynamic have taken the essence of the word Pro and made it their very own. These headphones are sleek, black, minimalist and stripped back to the bare essentials. Wherever you touch, hold & feel on this set of headphones performance seems paramount. From the metal headband, to robust cable and and durable mini-XLR gold connector, you just know these have been built for everyday wear in a demanding studio environment.

I mentioned the recycled box earlier, well sustainability is now front & centre in Beyerdynamics thought process. Virtually every component in these DT700’s can be replaced; earcups, headband and even the cable, meaning that long term the cost of these almost fades from memory as these will doubtless be a long-term investment.

Audio Driver

From the first moment of using these headphones, you’ll notice they are louder. This is due to the Stellar .45 audio drivers in these 700 Pro’s which offer amazing class leading performance due to the neodynamic ring magnet together with the copper-clad high technology wire. They also have a unique three layer speaker diaphragm with an integrated dampening layer leading to a very compliant user experience. In turn this means you have a wide range of playback options across numerous devices including pre Apple Silcone MacBooks and even iPhones.


These new 770’s have a frequency response all the way from 5Hz up to 40,000Hz with a high notably passive isolation. They have a similar bass response to 770’s but much more sub bass - with, I found a cleaner & warmer user experience. They’re more comfortable for a wider range of tasks, with a greater separation of sound. The bass is tonal & technical, with a very clear & level response. Not designed for a casual listen but a great pair of studio reference headphones. If you are wondering why I chose the closed back option, it’s because the majority of my work in these will be live radio, recording interviews & podcasts. They have detachable…well…everything in keeping with BeyerDynamics comprehensive environmental statement.

What’s in the box?

Most important to note are the two cables you now get supplied. As mentioned these are now replaceable and inter-changeable via the gold plated mini XLR connector. You get given a 1.8m AND a 3m cable which is both a useful and a nice touch. There are some stickers and transfers, a handy carry bag and all the normal literature - oddly including a user manual!!


I found these online for £215. Compared to my 770 80ohm headphones they are approaching twice the cost, but having now been using them solidly for a week or so, I think that price point is more than justified,


Is it worth changing? As just mentioned there is a fair cost implication attached. If you only use your current headphones once or twice a week for a short period of time, then to be honest, it is probably not worth changing. But, if like me, you find yourself in cans most days of the week for hours at a time, then yes, 100% it is worth changing.

When I was starting out on this review, I had noted to make mention of anything I didn’t like. To be honest, I cannot fault these new 700 Pro X headphones. The comfort & fit is exemplary; sound isolation a marked improvement over the 770’s that I have used for years and the build quality even better than the 770’s. Honestly, having now used these DT700 Pro X’s for the past week, there really is no going back for me. These are studio quality, pro reference headphones that will deliver results day after day.

I’d love to hear how you use your headphones. Are you are pro that hammers your headphones day after day? Are you a DT770 wearer? Are you looking to try the 700 Pro X’s? Let me know in the comments.

And if you like, you can take a look at my video where I talk all about them.

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