iCloud+ and what it means for you

Updated: Sep 27

So iCloud has been built in to every Apple device for a good many years now, and I am a huge user of it.'s just got EVEN better!

Credit: Apple

iCloud is Apple's version of cloud storage. The fact it is built in to every Apple device natively, means that it will work seamlessly in your Apple eco-system. Everyone gets 5GB of storage free. After that, various tiers of upgrade are available, and they are, surprisingly for Apple, very affordable.


Photo's & video for most people, are what chew up the available storage on your device.

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The good news is with iCloud enabled you can browse, search, and share all the photos and videos from any of your devices, whether they were taken yesterday or years ago. The big winner is that to save space on your device, the original, full‑resolution photos you take are automatically uploaded to iCloud, and you’ll still always have a lightweight version of every photo on your device....and you can have that life hack on me for free!

And you can share albums too, for trips and events etc. then share with chosen family members & friends and they can add to the shared album as well.

All your files on all devices

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Of course, iCloud is not all merely about photos. iCloud lets you store PDF's, Jpegs, Numbers, Pages and music files. In fact, all of my radio shows, start life stored on iCloud. This way I can start work on production anywhere, and when I get back to my studio Macs, the show will be there waiting for me to continue working on, seamlessly. This proved invaluable a few years back, when my broadcast MacBook Pro was stolen from my car. At least that weekends shows were safe...the only good thing to come out of that sorry event!

You can of course share folders with ease and organise files as you wish, anywhere, anytime.

iCloud+ - what actually is it?

Credit: Apple

So, Apple announced this free upgrade at their WWDC event back in the summer. It will ship with the latest iOS updates this autumn. There are three key features.

Firstly iCloud Private Relay allows you to browse Safari in a far more secure way say in a hotel or cafe. It is designed so that websites & network providers can't see or use your IP address.

Next is Hide My Email which will give you the option to instantly generate random email addresses that will forward to your personal email. You are in complete control, you can generate as many aliases as you want and disable them at any time. Almost a personal VPN provider.

Credit: Apple

And finally there is HomeKit Secure Video which will allow you to connect all your HomeKit cameras and security from anywhere. The footage is end-to-end encrypted and is stored in a format that you determine. And better still, this footage will not count toward your iCloud storage either.

So there it is, a quick explanation of iCloud & the new iCloud+. So tell me, are you going to upgrade? I'd love to know.

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