Why The Gig Economy was Just The Start

Updated: Aug 6

Things are changing, and we can't stop it....

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The content creator economy

Many of you will be familiar with the term "gig economy" . Workers within the gig economy are not entitled to paid holiday and various other benefits of regular employment. But, the trade is, for the individual, it offers much greater flexibility with both days and the amount of hours worked.

The Creator Content Economy is next

Currently, there is much debate about the advent of this new economy - the creator content economy. What is it, well let's take a look shall we.

The creator economy is based on content creators (such as myself with podcasts or YouTube content creators) creating content and uploading it to platforms such as You Tube, Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud. Now, here is the crux of the issue. Who, in this economy, is more important? Is it the creator or the platform?

Muddied Waters

There has currently been a fierce court battle between Epic Games and Apple and the way the App Store is run by Apple Inc. Apple takes 30% of all creators income that have an app on the App Store. The developers and creators maintain that is too greedy. Apple feel they have developed both the platform and all the required security (not to mention the handsets) that enable the distribution of the apps. When pressed in court CEO Tim Cook admitted that the most prolific earning apps are the gaming apps.

The creators say, well, without us, you'd have no apps in the store.

Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook

YouTube is well documented as a platform where the creators can make very good money. On average, a content creator, per 1 million views can expect to make between $2000 - $4000 and of that, they'll hand back to YouTube in the region of 15%. More than any other platform I am aware of, YouTube creators can monetise fairly quickly on the platform. This comes not only per clicks & views, but from paid ad reads and sponsorships etc. It is not beyond the realm of belief, that college and university courses and degrees are only just around the corner teaching the next generation how to monetise from this new economy and make it a chosen profession.

Who's Right?

I've given this a lot of thought recently as it could well have an impact on where my future may lay. My conclusion surprised me.

In balance, I am on the side of Apple or YouTube. I am a creator and am thinking seriously about the possibility of creating a YouTube channel. I have over 500 podcasts uploaded on various platforms including Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud and yet....

Given that fact, you'd surely assume, I'd want more money and give away less (not that I am yet monetising). But in balance, no. Without these platforms who would get to listen to my content? I need them, more than they need me. Fact. Without their infrastructure & algorithms, I would be left floundering as to how get my content found and consumed.

Should Creators be Expected To Paid?

I think so. It is not as easy as it would appear to make regular, quality content be it video or audio. If it were, everyone would do it and yet they don't. It requires a lot of time invested by the creator, researching, scripting and thinking of fresh, new, informative fun ideas. There are also costs involved in equipment, buying a lot to of music and in my case Voiceover artists (Gina Mellotte is my chosen talent) Would you expect a decorator to come in and work for free? I'd assume not, yet there is still this assumption of what comes out of our speakers should be free content.

Welcome to The Future

The world is becoming subscription based. Do you have Netflix or Amazon Prime or NowTV? The later is actually a very interesting service now I come to think of it; it is part of the Sky network, but now, far more modular. You pay for the precise channels you want in a very exacting manner. In fact, right now, I am thinking of moving away from my Sky service over to NowTV as in reality, all I watch is Formula 1 and for that I am currently paying a kings ransom opposed to a small fixed fee each race weekend with NowTV.

I am, happy, and do, subscribe to creators on Mixcloud, Apple & YouTube. If they entertain me and create content I am keen to watch or listen to, why would I assume that to be supplied free? Ok, I know what goes in to it, but even so I'd be happy to subscribe.

In the advent of our post pandemic future, the need for podcast content by consumers is rising at a rate never before witnessed.

So, welcome to the creator content economy. There is a great podcast you may want to check out for even more information. You'll find the episode of Waveform here

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