The dark side of iOS 15

So, iOS 15 is coming. Apple have headlined the main features, but here, for you, as you are special to me, I wanted to dig a little deeper. Let's go to the dark side if you will and look under the bonnet at some of the hidden, less well known features that you may enjoy learning about.

Drag & Drop

This is super cool. It is basically like being on your Mac desktop! From your photos app, long press and hold a photo (until you hear the haptic 'click'). Now, keep your thumb on the image....don't let go! With your other hand, open an app, say Twitter or email....drag the photo in, let go and you have just done your first drag n' drop in iOS 15!

Radar in weather app

A long standing complaint in the weather app was there being no radar. Until now, you had to go grab a third party one. But in iOS 15, it is native. In the app, scroll down until you see the temperature heading. Click on the map just beneath it and there is the radar. Cool huh!

Safari Tabs

In the new look Safari on iOS 15, the tabs have been moved to the bottom of the screen. Now, if you simply go to the last tab and swipe left, it will open a brand new tab. This tiny feature has been a long time coming, but it is finally here now. Hooray!!

And if you really don't like the tabs at the bottom of the screen and you are old school, you can go back to tabs at the top (but you will lose the above function). Tap the AA button and choose 'show top address bar'...and there you go...old style Safari is back.

Also you can choose a wallpaper in Safari just like in Mac OS. With an empty tab open, go all the way to the bottom and choose edit. There are a number of pre-loaded wallpapers there, or upload your own.

FaceTime with everyone

In FaceTime, you can now create a link just like, in say, Zoom, and then send this link to non Mac users so they can become part of the group. You can set up a scheduled call. Just to point out thought that Android and non Mac users can't start the conversation.

Live text

Another very cool feature is Live Text. Say you are in Messages or Notes and want to copy a menu you have in front of you. Now, there is no need to go to the camera app, take a picture and forward. In the text field area, tap and a little box will come up saying scan text. That's it! Move the phone to the text you want to copy, and it is straight in to your message. The future is here!

Dictation & video zoom

A small improvement, but useful none-the-less and worthy of pointing out, you can now dictate for longer than 60 seconds and the AI, although not foolproof, does a pretty good job of understanding what you are saying.

And if you are in the photos app there is a quick take video. Have the normal photos tab open and swipe down. It now becomes a video, and you can zoom in real time too. Geez, I should be charging you for these nuggets!!

Background sounds

A real useful one for those sleepless nights. Go to settings > accessibility > background sounds. From there you can choose soothing sounds such as stream, ocean or my favourite, rain.

So there you go - some hidden gems from iOS 15 that you may not have known about. I'd love to know what ones you are keen to try. Let me know in the comments

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