What to expect from the October Apple Event

So, we are just days away now, from what is expected to be the final Apple event of the year. Once again, pre-recorded, I imagine it will be a tight hour, and within that time, here is what I think we can look forward to.

Apple clearly have something exciting up their sleeve, as they have broken with recent tradition and have decided to run the even this Monday (18th October) and 6pm BST.


So, the next iteration of Apple Silicone seems set to be making its debut at this event and all the indications point to it being named M1X. I imagine it will have more cores and be even faster going by all reports, and this will be at the heart of the new hardware that will be unveiled.

MacBook Pro

A brand new design is likely to be shown at the event for this workhorse with both 14" & 16" models taking centre stage. With an iPad like, squared off design, they will doubtless look amazing. Expect the Touch Bar to be a thing of the past (although I actually quite like it on my 2019 15" that I am running) in favour of the more conventional function keys with a brighter, mini LED display and slimmer bezels too. It will be aimed at creators and professionals with ports galore being returned, including an HDMI port and a SD card reader slot too. If you've ever tried to move 10bit video files around, then you'll know what a welcome addition this will be. It promises to be a creators dream machine. It will be interesting to see what price point they come in at and if the current, global chip shortage impacts on when these new MBP's are actually available to ship. Storage will be 16GB RAM and 512GB of storage, the webcam will be upgrade to 1080p, with updated chargers and Magsafe making a welcome return.

Mac mini

There is a rumoured new design for this great, entry level Mac too. Possibly with a glass top, and running the new M1X chip, it will improve upon an already amazing bit of kit. I have all the peripherals required to make this machine work for me, and I would be sorely tempted with buying this for quicker video editing, if only I could find a display that compares to the Retina display on my Macs. Do you know of a display that I have not yet found at a reasonable cost? That said, there have been some quiet rumblings that we may actually be getting a consumer level display too. Now that would make this machine complete.

AirPods 3

The base model AirPods will I think, be given a design overhaul. A fresh look with some functionality improvements too. I have used my current AirPods virtually everyday for the past 18 months, so count me in on these. We may see improved charging too. Apple’s latest 4A400 firmware update should also mean that the AirPods will become part of the Find My network.

No new iMac

If you have been waiting for the larger screened iMac, then expect to be waiting some more. If they do indeed unveil those three new Macs at the event that I have discussed, it makes little sense for them to 'squeeze' this in too as this will be a show stopper in its own right. Bearing in mind the aforementioned chip shortage too, I expect this to be coming in spring of 2022.

So there you go, that's my take on what I think we'll be given at this event. What about you though? What are you excited to see? What would make the event complete for you? I will be posting a video straight after the event too, summarising what happened. So, make sure to head on over to my channel and turn on notifications so you can catch that video too.

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