Why the Apple love affair?

Updated: Sep 2

My story and transition from PC to Mac (and pretty much everything Apple) started about ten years ago. I began using Windows based PC's with their Vista operating system and it immediately left me wanting for more....

When I switched from my Blackberry/PC set-up over to my first iPhone, then iPad I began to see the 'Apple eco-system' in work. The eco-system is a real thing!

Simply put, everything syncs seamlessly. Take a photo on your phone....and by the time you open your Mac, it'll be there waiting for you in iPhoto. Edit a Pages document and boom, the updated file will be on your iOS devices. The instances go on and on.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Creative Me

My background is in design, and back in the days when I was learning my trade, all the creative software programmes and creatives used Macs. I think Photoshop for instance, for many years, was not even available on PC. And, if clients were to walk in to a design studio resplendent with PC's, you got the distinct impression that doubtful glances were being thrown behind your back...."are these guys really professional".

I remember the ever popular & eloquent Stephen Fry saying once "my first Macintosh just made me want to write". I spend hour upon hour facing these machines, and even on days 'I am not feeling the love', somehow these aluminium clad beauties pull it out of me.

The Cloud Changed It All

To some degree, once Adobe launched their Creative Cloud subscription service, it changed the playing field in so far as all creative apps were available on both PC & Mac platforms. Creativity was opened up. Trust me, this is not about to become another boring rant about PC versus Mac and which is better. I know many creatives make amazing work on PC's and swear by them, but the PC world is not for me. The glorious tactility of these machines is to this day, divine. I still, sad to admit it, enjoy just looking at them.

Yes, I am also aware of how expensive these machines are and the much vaulted 'Apple Tax'. But again, to some degree even that is changing. The new M1 Mac mini is available today, this very moment, for just £699! I have four Mac's currently, one of which is a heavily spec'd 27" iMac that roughly cost me four times the amount of the latest mini! With the advances of time though, this new 'baby Mac' beats my current iMac on speed in creative tasks hands down.

M1 Mac mini - amazing value

Each to their own

Sure, everyone has the choice to work and create on whatever platform they feel comfortable with. But one thing I'd be ever so surprised over though, would be if a confirmed PC creative user was to spend a week in the Mac world, that they'd ever want to leave.

These machines just work, day after day, with little or no risk of a virus and quiet, discreet updates. The new Apple Silicone Macs are silent too...not a peep. Not a single whimper even on heavy video export tasks. Throw that blissful silence into your creative day, and that's just another win.

I'm so glad that all those years back I made the jump. Initially I was overwhelmed by the thought of a Mac - an almost 'I am not worthy mentality'. But ten years on, I totally get what Stephen Fry was talking about. Give me that first (of probably too many!) espresso of the day, give me my Magic Mouse and let that Apple start-up chime be the soundtrack to the day.

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